What is this?
Dead Letter No. 9 is a Modern Conversation Parlor. It is an interactive, immersive experience that relies entirely on your participation. Get curious, get interesting, question and learn a little more about yourself and others.

Do I need tickets?
Dead Letter No. 9 is open for our 2024 Spring Series "Office Hours" and no tickets are needed to enjoy the space during regular open hours. Specific nightlife events may require a ticket for entry - for further details please check our NIGHTLIFE page.

How long is the experience?
Stay as long as you like.

Do I get to visit more than one room?
Dead Letter No. 9 is a free-roam experience. Guests are welcome to travel anywhere inside the space.

Is this the same as the ticketed theatrical experience?
At the end of 2023 the venue closed due to building maintenance issues and landlord negligence - with it closed the ticketed theatrical experience. The 2024 Spring Series "Office Hours" is a temporary reopening where guests have free roam over the entire space in a more casual environment. There are no performers.

Are the rooms different?
Entirely. Each of the three show environments transports guests to a different time and place.

When should I arrive?
For the 2024 Spring Series "Office Hours", Dead Letter No. 9 will be open weekly Thursday - Saturday. If you like a quieter, more introspective experience we recommend joining us in the late afternoon/early evening. If you are looking for a lively dance-forward party full of people, we recommend checking out our NIGHTLIFE page.

Are cell phones/photos allowed?
They are. That said, this space is designed to prioritize human connection so please be conscientious.